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Logistics Robot Mobile Solution

Logistics Robot Mobile Solution


With the development and wide application of industrial handling robot technology, robot solutions in logistics have begun to develop rapidly. Industrial robots have the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, and good management. Compared with traditional logistics solutions that rely on human transportation and manual forklifts, they have inherent application advantages. Moreover, they have strong adaptability to ambient temperature and humidity. At present, intelligent robots with functions such as handling, palletizing, and sorting have become a hot spot in the logistics industry. Client companies, as the world's leading robot solution providers, have the most urgent need to digitally and intelligently upgrade their logistics robot mobile solutions.


1. The use of traditional handling robots for material transportation or the use of hydraulic vehicles for manual controls requires a large amount of manual intervention, and its automation is low;

2. Production tasks cannot be fully connected with robots, production lines, workshops, and warehouses.


In response to customer needs, Emdoor Info recommends several rugged tablets EM-T86, EM-T81, EM-I16H, EM-T11. The core part of the logistics robot is the industrial tablet computer. Its integrated motor control system, data acquisition system, and navigation and positioning system can be quickly deployed in all links of the warehouse operation, realize the unmanned operation of the entire logistics centre, improve logistics efficiency, and reduce labour costs. After successful deployment, workers only need to click on the goods they need in front of the workstation computer, and the warehouse mobile computer is responsible for packing and transporting. The workers do not need to move around during the whole process, which can reduce the labour intensity for the enterprise. Emdoor aims at producing good quality and practical ruggedized PC. Contact us if you are interested.

EM-T81 of EM-T11 Logistics Robot Mobile Solution

Logistics Robot Mobile Solution


Receive tasks

Automatically navigate to the shelves where the goods are located, scan the goods, and move the goods to the designated location;

Reasonably assign tasks to the robots

And schedule the robots to coordinate the work with the optimal path to ensure the best work results;

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the running status of the logistics robot, knowing the robot's current position, and truly achieving intelligent operation and maintenance;

Autonomous positioning and navigation

Intelligent identification of QR code to achieve accurate identification and positioning of goods.

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