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What Role Do Industrial Tablets Play in Digital Management?

With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, the competition in the manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the market competitiveness is gradually shifting to quality, efficiency, and price service. Manufacturers are confronted with greater challenges, and data transformation is extremely urgent.

Digitization refers to the digital extraction of workshop data by handheld terminal devices such as PDA, scanning gun, or industrial tablet. Compared with the traditional model of information transmission through paper, the use of handheld terminal devices can greatly improve the speed of information transmission, and reduce errors and labor costs. It can also collect production data in real-time and provide reliable data support for improving product quality through data analysis.

Ⅰ. The application of industrial tablets in production and manufacturing

1. In Manufacturing Execution System (MES), industrial tablets including industrial tablets windows 10 can be used for production process control, information synchronization management, production inspection/change, quality inspection management, production order/plan scheduling, production process monitoring, and production equipment maintenance, comprehensive production management and other links. So, each worker can get the correct guidance and immediate feedback, and operate in the correct way, thus greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of the production line.

2. In Warehouse Management System (WMS), industrial tablets can be used for basic material management, in and out of storage management, out of stock management, distribution management, inventory quantity monitoring, warehousing report management, forklift application and other links. The utilization rate of warehouse can be improved, the turnover of goods can be speeded up and the loss of backlog can be reduced through digital and visual warehousing.

Ⅱ. What should we pay attention to when choosing industrial tablets?

1. Durable, high level of protection. The manufacturing environment is complicated and the equipment requirements are relatively strict. As a result, industrial tablets must be durable and have a high level of protection, so as to withstand dust, vibration, shock and liquid spills.

2. Portable. In manufacturing occasions, workers need to carry tablets with them to facilitate factory quality checks. Portable industrial tablets are more suitable for mobile use.

3. Excellent WIFI performance. The signal intensity of some factories in the manufacturing industry is weak, the AP layout of factories is generally higher, and the regional signal intensity is weak. Some finished products have large volume and strong signal shielding, which seriously affect the real-time transmission of information. Choosing an industrial tablet pc with excellent WIFI performance can greatly avoid these problems and greatly improve information transmission speed and work efficiency.

To sum up, industrial tablet plays a great role in digital management, and has different effects in all walks of life. If you want to know more about industrial tablet PC, please visit our official website for consultation.

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