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Rugged Outdoor Laptop - A Good Helper for Outdoor Surveys

Although commercial laptops are currently used in various places, there are some specific areas where commercial laptops cannot provide sufficient support. Rugged outdoor laptops named the "special forces" among other laptops are very popular in the outdoor survey industry.

In the rapid development of computers and other high-tech industries, outdoor surveying as a traditional industry has also gradually ushered in the digital information era. A variety of digital software has emerged and replaced manual surveys, providing great convenience for staff, and greatly improving work efficiency and motivation. While rugged outdoor laptop plays an irreplaceable role in the digital survey.  


If you use ordinary commercial laptops in outdoor surveys, then you will encounter all kinds of unsolvable problems.

1. Fragile and not strong, increasing costs. As we all know, in outdoor survey work, survey tools need to be kept with the body, and tools may drop at any time if you are not careful. Most commercial laptops are fragile and easy to break, once dropped, the screen is destined to fall apart, causing unnecessary cost losses.

2. Only work at room temperature, reducing efficiency. When encountering hot or cold weather, commercial laptops will most likely enter standby mode, they can not operate normally. While extreme weather is so common in outdoor surveys, once the equipment fails to work, this will greatly affect efficiency.

3. Single interface can not meet all demands. In order to pursue thinness and lightness, most manufacturers simplify laptop interface serial ports to the extreme. But the outdoor survey is complex and requires multiple functions to coordinate, so the rugged laptop interface function must be great.

For all the above problems of the outdoor survey, EM-X15U from Emdoor Info can easily solve them all!

1. IP65 grade with industrial rugged outdoor defence. EM-X15U has a protection level of IP65 grade, undergone multiple waterproof and drop tests. And it has even passed the more stringent 810G US military standards. X15U can run smoothly even in harsh environments.

2. Wide temperature operation without pressure. X15U full body is composed of special materials. It can operate normally from -20 ℃ to 60 ℃ temperature. In addition, powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, X15U can keep the device operating in high speed even in extreme weather. 

3. Rich interfaces, available for customization. Rugged outdoor laptop X15U has three USB 3.0 ports and two RJ45 ports as well as HDMI, SIM, SD, power and audio interfaces. The high-definition screen of 700 nits brings great comfort to outdoor surveyors.

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