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Emdoor Rugged Phone Provide Extra Insurance for Camping

Camping has become a new hobby for outdoor lovers in recent years. Whenever the weather is sunny, you can always see a group of backpackers going to the mountains. "Go outside, go to the mountains" has become another attraction nowadays. While beautiful mountain fields or forest meadows often come with poor cell phone signals. Due to topography reasons, especially in the valley or remote mountainous areas, phone signal is seriously blocked, the intermittent signal can let people concentrate themselves on enjoying the outdoor scenery as well as make them anxiety. 


Going outside means a full day’s time. It will be a problem if you want to play games or make video calls at the destination. What’s more, the weather in the mountains is changeable. From clear sky to heavy rain all of a sudden. If water comes into the ordinary electronic equipment together with the weak signal, it’s very dangerous. 

Once camping in bad weather, a phone signal is crucial to be able to call for help in time. There have been too many tragic examples of precious lives lost around us because of electronic equipment damage or no signal. If you have a handheld device that can operate normally even in a harsh outdoor environment and is waterproof and drop-proof, you can easily overcome the danger. And the rugged handheld is a better choice for outdoor campers.

As the world's leading one-stop provider of rugged mobile intelligent terminals, Emdoor Info has not only made a lot of achievements in rugged tablets and laptops but also has strong strength in rugged handheld terminals. For rugged handhelds, Emdoor Info covers wide size options from 4-inch, 5-inch to 6-inch sizes and etc. for outdoor people.

Regarding signal, Emdoor Info rugged phone comes with GPS and BeiDou navigation system, it is able to plan an escape route through a strong navigation system even if there is no signal. Emdoor rugged phones are also equipped with antennas to get in touch with outside in the absence of a network.

Not only that, Emdoor Info handheld android device is with high protection level, and is really waterproof, dust-proof, and drop-proof. Outdoor weather is unpredictable, a normal phone is very easy to get water inside on rainy days and can’t work normally. Thanks to the strong level of protection, Emdoor Info rugged phones can still work smoothly even water comes inside. They provide new security for outdoor campers.

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