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Emdoor Info Announced A New Rugged Tablet I12U On March, 2022

What are the new upgrades for the I12U?

1. Built Tough To Last

EM-I12U is made by a new lightweight high-strength magnesium alloy. Magnesium alloys have been adopted by consumer laptops a few years ago, thanks to the advantages of being light and tough, not accumulating heat, preventing radiation, and being environmentally friendly and recyclable. In June 2021, Emdoor info announced the application of magnesium alloys in the construction of rugged notebooks. The I12U is Emdoor Information's first tablet made of magnesium alloy. Its launch means that the tablet form of Emdoor info will be more diversified in the future.

2. Superlative Intel® Core™ i5/ i7 processors

The EM-I12U uses Intel's 8th-generation Core i5-8250U/i7-8550U processor, which is designed for maximum mobile performance and productivity. The performance of the 8th generation Core is actually not much different from the common 10th generation but is 40% higher than that of the 7th generation. Runs on an efficient Windows 10 OS, I12U is an ideal device for situations where complex tasks require blistering speed.

3. Connect To More

EM-I12U has several connectivity options to fit your workflow., including a full-featured USB Type-C, USB 3.0, HDMI mini port, and POGO Pin connector. Abundant I/O port configuration means legacy equipment need not be left out. And with the POGO Pin that enables drop-in charging and accessory compatibility. Meanwhile, I12U also provides optional aviation ports and scanners for special industry users.

4. Enhanced field performance

I12u is supported by a long-lasting 5000mAh/860mAh dual battery. Even when the battery runs low, the hot-swappable design allows swapping new batteries in and out without ever shutting down. With the benefit of a built-in fan, I12U will not get into overheating issues. Like all Emdoor’s tablets, the new rugged I12U tablet is also designed to be MIL-STD 810G and IP65 rated. The durable construction with reinforced chassis can easily handle rain, dust, liquid spillages, bumps on the road, and drops on the ground.

Emdoor Info Announced A New Rugged Tablet I12U On March, 2022

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