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What Tests Are There for Industrial Tablets?

The realization of industrial automation is the embodiment of industry 4.0, and the embodiment of an important product is the industrial tablet. Then what are industrial tablets? And why do industrial tablets come out? What tests do industrial tablets need to pass?

Ⅰ. What is an industrial tablet?

At present, the mainstream industrial computer has evolved into two major forms. One is an industrial computer with only one host and no display screen or touch screen. This kind of computer is the industrial computer we can often see. The other is an industrial computer with a display and touch. That is what we call an industrial tablet.

An industrial computer is one that is used in the industrial field and is a collection of computer applications based on hardware equipment, integrated into a small case mainframe. So industrial computer is also called industrial host, industrial host, industrial computer, and other names.

Before the shape of industrial computers, we used ordinary computers as machines to control industrial production lines. Because the ordinary computer is used in the production line, in case of computer hanging, may cause serious loss, so the standard value required by the industrial computer must conform to the strict criterion and expansion.

Industrial tablets including industrial tablets windows 10 are different from ordinary computers, mainly because of the environment and performance requirements. Ordinary computers can demand high speed, while industrial tablets require stable performance under the premise of speed.

As a manufacturing factory of industrial tablet PC, it is particularly important to provide reliable industrial tablet PC to customers.

Ⅱ. What tests are there for industrial tablets?

1. Vibration test;

2. Installation specification test;

3. 1.2m level drop test;

4. Power consumption test;

5. IP65 protection level test;

6. Wide temperature running test;

7. Mainboard thermal energy test;

8. ESD anti-static test.

All that mentioned above are the introductions of industrial tablets. Unlike ordinary computers, the performances of the industrial tablets are more stable in all aspects, and these tests are necessary for industrial tablet. Our industrial tablets have undergone strict testing, and obtained certificates issued by authoritative inspection institutions. Merchants can choose them according to their requirements.

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