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Rugged Tablet for Earthquake Rescue Assistance

Since the 7.8-magnitude earthquake occurred in Turkey, it has always drawn the attention of the world. On February 10, 2023, according to the latest news from Agence France-Presse, the strong earthquake has killed more than 20,000 people in Turkey and Syria. According to the report, relevant officials and medical staff stated that the earthquake caused 17,674 deaths in Turkey, 3,377 deaths in Syria, and more than 30 million people were injured. It can be said that the Turkish earthquake caused serious casualties and economic losses. In the face of ruthless earthquake disasters, human beings can use scientific and technological means to carry out post-disaster search and rescue, and race against time to save lives during the golden 72 hours of rescue and minimize losses. And in the rescue process of the Turkish earthquake, we saw the hope that high and new technologies bring to the lives of people in the disaster.


According to front-line media reports, during the rescue process on February 9 local time in Turkey, the Chinese rescue team—Blue Sky Rescue Team used the life detector equipment of the rugged reinforced tablet PC at the earthquake site to successfully detect breathing characteristics at a distance of 1.35 meters in the ruins, which means that someone miraculously maintains vital signs. Relying on the manpower of rescuers to search not only wastes the best rescue time, but also greatly depletes manpower and material resources, resulting in greater losses. With high-tech products such as the rugged tablet PCs, it is possible to conduct a large-scale search for victims, which increases the success rate of search and rescue to a certain extent, and wins valuable rescue time for the people who are still under the ruins.

It should be pointed out that although the weather in the local city of Malatya is sunny, it is still cold and the temperature can reach below zero. Under such an ambient temperature, it is a very big test for the survivors. The lower the temperature, the easier it is for them to lose their temperature. If ordinary electronic equipment is used to operate in such a harsh environment, it is very likely that there will be crashes and other situations, which will greatly delay the rescue activities; However, the rugged reinforced tablet PC supports wide-temperature operation, and the temperature range reaches at least -10 to 50°C. Even in severe weather such as snow, the rugged reinforced tablet PC can maintain normal operation, providing strong hardware support for search and rescue in earthquake.


Emdoor's handheld reinforced industrial tablet has a grade of at least IP65. It has good waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof features. The performance is stable and reliable, and the large-capacity battery guarantees durability; in addition, a high-definition high-brightness screen is adopted to achieve visibility under outdoor strong light conditions; The working temperature range of the whole machine reaches at least -10 to 50°C, and the storage temperature range reaches at least -20 to 60°C, which can well adapt to the long-term operation requirements in complex outdoor environments. In addition, Emdoor's handheld rugged tablet PC also supports 4G full Netcom, GPS positioning and navigation, NFC, two-dimensional code scanning, fingerprint recognition and other functions. Therefore, the quick and stable transmission speed improves the efficiency of earthquake rescue.

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