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Emdoor Info's industrial tablets help industrial automation in all aspects

Emdoor Group is an all-around partner of Intel Asia Pacific R&D Center, Intel CTE department, key supporting TOP2 customer of Microsoft China and strategic partner of Microsoft Asia Pacific R&D. Emdoor Group has 16 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of IT solutions based on ARM architecture and X86 architecture. With vital technical resources, Emdoor information has been working in the industry for many years. The self-developed ruggedized mobile handhelds, tablet computers, laptops, and industrial control tablet computers have been serving a variety of customers from all fields for a long time.

As we know, the ongoing epidemic has caused many problems in various industries, such as limited production and logistics, disruption of workforce deployment, and supply chain dilemma in the manufacturing industry. However, with the gradual improvement of the epidemic worldwide, enterprises are returning to work orderly. But how to “resume production"? How to seize the new opportunity and face the challenge in industry uncertainty?

As professional tablet pc supplier, Here Emdoor information has new tricks: machine vision solutions by using industrial tablets including rugged tablet windows 10, rugged tablet windows 11! Machine vision is a kind of intelligent application, which can improve production efficiency, and help enterprises resume work and production as scheduled.

1 Emdoor information industrial tablets vision solutions

This machine vision solution uses Emdoor industrial pcs as input and output and display terminal and connects to the industrial camera server through the EtherCAT network. So the machine vision accessed by the POE network has a fast and accurate identification and recording on a multi-axis system controlled motion. This improves production efficiency by shortening the processing time and reducing error rate and other costs. Wide range of industrial applications: handling, saw cutting, 3D printing, painting, laser cutting, engraving, etc.

2 Emdoor Information innovates and develops new industrial tablets.

2.1 Based on the judgment that the new infrastructure of the 5G and industrial peripherals will become one of the popular industries in the future, Emdoor information previously increased investment in the research and development of industrial equipment in the 5G field. Emdoor launched its 5G industrial tablets which are the first ones in the ruggedized tablets fields, and the speed was tested to be excellent outdoors. This 5G rugged tablet is equipped with Qualcomm 5G baseband, supports NSA and SA mode, and has an external keyboard.

2.2 The first unparalleled ruggedized industrial tablet

The first high-end rugged tablet equipped with Core i5 CPU by Yidao information, built-in fan cooling, and surface cooling holes simultaneously, defence level can still up to IP65, supporting small and large sized batteries, fingerprint and one-dimensional and QR code identification.

2.3 Handheld with "small body, big role": the first 4-inch and 5-inch flexible fully compatible accessories such as UHF handle, QR code scanning handle, back clip battery, quadruple charge side-by-side charging dock. The new model is equipped with Qualcomm platform, Google version 9.0 GMS certified.

2.4 The first 14-inch and 15.6-inch rugged laptops are equipped with Tianjin Feiteng FT-2000/4, built-in Kirin OS, which helps Made in China.

2.5 Embedded Industrial Personal Computer supports Celeron i3/i5 option, and fully customized interfaces, with stable performance and extreme heat dissipation.


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