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Power Monitoring Industry

Power Monitoring Industry


With the continuous expansion of the new energy market and the strong support of the government, the wind energy market is developing rapidly. Relevant data shows that in the next 20-25 years, the world wind energy market will grow at an annual rate of 25%. According to national plans,  the country's installed wind power capacity will reach 20-30  million kilowatts in the next 15 years. The rapid development of the wind power industry will increase the demand for wind power industry equipment control management systems and remote monitoring, and bring new opportunities for industrial control manufacturers.  Therefore, Emdoor Info Industrial Computer provides a solution for the integrated wind power professional equipment control and monitoring system.


1. Complex working environment.

2. If the signal is weak, the device is collecting data, and transmission is difficult.

3. Inaccuracy in data collection.


Emdoor info EM-MP200K is an industrial computer specially designed for customers in the wind power industry. Based on the low-power motherboard of the Intel platform, the fanless PC is more secure. This industrial tablet PC comes with a good-looking appearance, a fanless design, low noise, low power consumption,  and multiple serial ports. It can withstand a wide temperature environment of -30°C-70°C and is suitable for various harsh environments. The modular interface is used to freely combine with external I/O interface functions. Efficient industrial configuration software can be pre-installed, and wind power generation control and monitoring solutions can also be customized according to the needs of the wind farm. The industrial tablet computer has passed rigorous testing, low power consumption, high efficiency and safety. It has strong advantages and stable operation in harsh environments (such as high temperature and high humidity) and has been unanimously recognized by customers.

EM-MP200K Power Monitoring Industry

Power Monitoring Industry


Timely data collection

The main wind power generation control system has detected grid parameters, wind conditions, and on-site temperature parameters. Operate under stable voltage and frequency, automatically execute wind turbine operation and off-grid operation. And monitor the operating temperature of the gearbox and generator, the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic system, and yaw and pitch according to the wind conditions.

Optimize operation

Optimize operation and improve the operation efficiency and power generation quality of wind turbines. Alarm any abnormal situation, and actively stop when necessary. Ensure the safety and reliability of wind turbines,  complete the maximum utilization of natural wind and the highest energy conversion rate, and provide excellent power for the grid. The customer chose Emdoor info Industrial PC to be installed in the control cabinet at the bottom of the fan to complete the system operation control and display, fan parameter setting, historical data query statistics, fault record query and other functions.

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