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EM-I62H Rugged Handheld Safeguards the Marine Ecological Environment

EM-I62H Rugged Handheld Safeguards the Marine Ecological Environment


The ocean, which is powerful and enigmatic, has seen an increasing reliance from humanity, necessitating a heightened focus on its environment. Sustained monitoring of the marine environment provides invaluable insights into its ecosystems, enabling the timely detection and mitigation of pollution and ecological disasters. However, the complexity of the marine environment poses challenges in terms of technology and data processing for monitoring efforts. To ensure uninterrupted monitoring operations regardless of external conditions, monitoring centers require the integration of intelligent terminal devices that offer reliable stability and resilience.


The EM-I62H rugged handheld combines high portability and ruggedness, making it suitable for outdoor marine operations during sea monitoring tasks. Equipped with the Windows 10 operating system, it seamlessly integrates with monitoring systems. It is compatible with other monitoring devices, facilitating communication between monitoring points, so that monitors can issue or receive instructions, and transmits and archives data in real-time through multi-network fusion, providing reliable data support for monitoring and crisis decision-making in marine ecosystems.


The EM-I62H rugged handheld significantly enhances the flexibility and adaptability of marine monitoring. With its 6-inch body, it is easy to carry out to sea, and its high-definition screen ensures clear and intuitive display of data even in outdoor sunlight. The built-in high-capacity removable battery allows for easy replacement, maintaining stable battery life during prolonged monitoring at sea. With the introduction of the EM-I62H, monitoring personnel can more effectively monitor changes in the marine environment, promptly identify issues, and take necessary measures to protect the marine ecosystem.


In today's world, where there is an increasing tension between global food, resource, and energy supply and the rapid growth of the population, the development and utilization of the abundant resources in the ocean have become an inevitable trend in historical development. However, marine resource development comes with certain risks, such as oil pollution and overfishing. Therefore, monitoring the marine environment is necessary to ensure the sustainable use of resources, avoid ecological damage, and prevent resource depletion caused by excessive development. It also involves detecting pollutants in the ocean. Marine environmental monitoring involves extensive data collection, storage, and processing, requiring the establishment of efficient data management systems and the introduction of mobile smart terminals for technical support to extract useful information and conduct analysis and decision-making.

The client is a company focused on the development of marine survey equipment and technology services, including marine optics, marine hydrology, environmental monitoring, and marine mapping. They primarily monitor and collect various parameters of seawater in areas near land-based sewage outlets, seawater aquaculture areas, and dumping areas, as well as the particle content and concentration of pollutants. Since marine detection operations are conducted outdoors, often on ships at sea, ordinary equipment is susceptible to outdoor high temperatures, water ingress, and corrosion from marine salt spray, leading to equipment failures and operational interruptions. Additionally, consumer-grade laptops are not convenient to carry around. Therefore, the client urgently needs to find portable and rugged mobile smart devices to replace consumer-grade laptops as data collection tools for marine environmental monitoring.

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Solution of EM-I62H

The client's marine monitoring system is developed based on X86 architecture, requiring portable Windows devices to run in conjunction. The EM-I62H is the smallest handheld device on the market that supports the Windows system. It integrates seamlessly with the client's software system and its 6-inch lightweight body perfectly meets the client's need for portability during sea monitoring operations. Additionally, Its high-performance processor efficiently handles multitasking.

After finalizing the monitoring plan and target area, monitoring personnel embark with a complete set of equipment, including the EM-I62H, sensors, detectors, hydrological measuring instruments, etc., which are deployed at designated monitoring locations and powered on. The EM-I62H is connected to the detection equipment via an OTG cable for wireless communication between monitoring points. Monitoring personnel utilize the EM-I62H to issue and receive task instructions. The EM-I62H features a 2MP+5MP dual camera system allowing personnel to capture images and videos for documentation purposes during monitoring. Once data collection on the monitoring equipment is completed, data is transmitted back to the EM-I62H in real-time via an external USB adapter, enabling personnel to read relevant testing data on its high-definition screen without being affected by direct sunlight.

Additionally, leveraging the multiple wireless communication modules of the EM-I62H, data from the device can be rapidly uploaded to the backend monitoring system for archiving and data analysis. This helps monitoring personnel to grasp the current marine environment and water quality, identify issues in time, make decisions regarding targeted environmental protection measures, and subsequently move the equipment to the next monitoring point to continue operations.

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Benefits of EM-I62H Rugged Handheld

Reliability Support for Marine Monitoring

The EM-I62H rugged handheld is protected by IP65, featuring a fully sealed rugged body that enables it to operate steadily in harsh maritime environments where water splashes and salt spray are present. It remains stable even in extreme temperatures ranging from -10°C to 50°C, ensuring uninterrupted operations. By introducing the EM-I62H to replace consumer-grade computers for monitoring tasks, the risk of equipment failure and associated costs are significantly reduced, providing reliable data support for continuous marine environmental monitoring.

Visual Scheduling for Marine Ecological

With the stable wireless multi-network integration of dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G, and the unified adaptation of Windows 10 and the client's monitoring system, the EM-I62H can collect detection data from connected devices and present it uniformly on its high-definition screen for analysis. This provides clear instructions to monitoring personnel, enabling them to easily comprehend marine environmental ecological data and analysis results, promptly identify environmental issues, and make informed decisions. The EM-I62H assists in visualizing and visualizing marine environmental conditions, archiving and managing collected data to ensure its security and integrity, and facilitating future review and reference.

Durable Endurance Solutions for Marine Operations

The EM-I62H rugged handheld device features a built-in 5000mAh/3.7V detachable polymer lithium-ion battery, capable of providing continuous operation for up to 7.5 hours on a full charge. Additionally, spare batteries are available for easy replacement at any time. Optional accessories such as charging docks and hand straps are also provided, allowing for convenient portability when heading out to sea, which supports all-day operation in maritime environments where charging is inconvenient.

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