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Rugged PC in Surveying & Mapping Industry

Accurate positioning and fast data access are very important for outdoor surveying and mapping work. Emdoor's products can perfectly solve this problem.

Features of Rugged PC in Surveying & Mapping Industry

Fast Access To Data
Fast Access To Data

In surveying and mapping work, quick access to online data is very important. Our ruggedized notebook with 4G LTE/5G, so that your needs are no longer stuck, and always smooth.

Sunlight-readable Touchscreen
Sunlight-readable Touchscreen

Professionals involved in utility fieldwork spend a significant part of their time outdoors. The strong light makes it difficult to confirm the data on the display of a rugged tablet PC, which makes the work more difficult. Our solution is equipped with a 1000nit ultra-high-brightness display, allowing the data to be clear at a glance.

Longer Battery Life
Longer Battery Life

Our long battery life can last a full work shift in the field. Hot-swappable dual batteries to ensure continuous operation. Eliminate the trouble of data loss due to computer power failure. Greatly improve work efficiency.

Dedication GPS
Dedication GPS

As a critical geographic and topographical data source, dedicated GPS is vital for surveying and mapping field operations. Emdoor solutions include a broad range of devices with GPS receivers that can perfectly handle this problem.

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