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Emdoor Info IPC is Used in Driving Test Management

Emdoor Info IPC is Used in Driving Test Management


Nowadays, the driving test has been controlled more and more strictly but has also become more and more scientific. In the current situation, it is necessary to punch in and monitor the driving test subjects. With the continuous change of driving test methods, the products of Emdoor Info are constantly being upgraded, and IPC suitable for driving test fields have also emerged at the historic moment to better match the use of driving tests.


1. The system is complex and the demand for fast modules is large, such as RFID detection, magnetic detection,  photoelectric detection, electromagnetic sensing, etc.

2. To update the data in real-time, it is necessary to provide stable equipment to adapt the driving test system to upgrade continuously.


The electronic driving test system is combined with many new technologies over the world, such as video image processing, RFID detection, magnetic detection, photoelectric detection, electromagnetic sensing, acceleration sensing, GPS positioning, wireless data communication network, and intelligent management of road driving tests system. As one of the most professional industrial panel PC suppliers, Emdoor Info provides products for driving tests. EM-PPC10S can combine the system very well. The combination of software and hardware makes the electronic driving test more scientific and authentic. More information about the industrial tablet PC will find at Emdoor, a professional rugged tablet OEM.

EM-PPC10S PRO Emdoor Info IPC is Used in Driving Test Management

Emdoor Info IPC is Used in Driving Test Management


Rich interface

EM-PPC10S is equipped with an industrial-grade display screen, providing 4×USB3.0 interfaces and  6×COM interfaces.

Rich modules

The optional WiFi/BT/3G/4G module enhances practicality and flexibility.

System adaptation

The promotion and application of the driving test system can greatly save manpower and material resources, and have a positive impact on the traffic management department.

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