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The Importance of Vehicle-mounted Tablet in the Intelligent Forklift Industry

Background of Forklift-Mounted Tablets

As we all know, the Intelligent industry has five essential elements: people, machines, raw material, method, and the environment.

As an intelligent factory's main force, its efficiency affects its productivity.

The forklift is an integral part of an intelligent warehouse. However, due to manual forklift truck transportation, data confusion and untimely call will inevitably occur, resulting in low work efficiency and inaccurate inventory records.

In a traditional logistics warehouse, the operator drives a forklift or panel truck to the warehouse with the consignee together to find the goods according to the order. This traditional method still is used by the logistics department. Still, this method wastes a lot of workforce and material resources and makes mistakes quickly during busy hours.


The Features of Forklift-Mounted Tablets

The appearance of Emdoor's vehicle mount pc EM-I75H can make the staff achieve the highest work efficiency in the shortest time and significantly reduce the mistakes in their work. It can make forklifts from transport vehicles to intelligent operation terminals. EM-I75H is labour-saving, safe, and reliable.

EM-I75H is a high-expansion, multi-functional rugged tablet pc terminal developed by EMDOOR INFORMATION, a professional rugged tablet manufacturer, based on Windows 10. EM-I75H has 7 inches 1000nit high-brightness display panel, and this rugged vehicle computer adopts Gorilla high-strength Glass, which improves the durability of the screen. Its battery capacity is 7500mah. EM-I75H has a 1D/2D scanning code, GPS, positioning, NFC, fingerprint, ID identification, UHF, and other functions. When applied to the forklift truck in the warehouse, the WiFi interface of EM-I75H can communicate and interact with the background center in real-time. This rugged vehicle computer can help the background system update the data in time so that the staff can quickly find the goods and transport them to the exact location, which dramatically reduces the time for the selector to find the goods and improves the accuracy of material transmission.


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