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What Are the Main Functions of Rugged Tablets

The "three-proof" in the industrial tablet PC refers to waterproof, dustproof and shockproof (drop-proof). The general three-proof grade specification is measured by IPXX.

The two digits "XX" in IPXX represent the dustproof and waterproof grades. The dustproof grade is 0 to 6, and the waterproof grade is 0 to 8. The larger the number behind the IP, the higher the protection level. Common protection levels include IP53, IP54, IP65, IP67, IP68, etc. IP68 is currently the highest rating.

Ⅰ. Functional characteristics and main functions of industrial portable computers

In today's social consumption and life, rugged tablet and 7-inch rugged rugged tablet PC are playing an increasingly important role. The following are the functional characteristics of industrial durable tablet computers, multi-sequence series, high performance, low power consumption and the main functions of industrial portable computers:

1. The industrial tablet PC has the portable performance of a notebook computer and the performance of a desktop computer with an expandable card. It can be used with various instrument cards or various self-designed test cards.

2. There is no fan in the case of the industrial tablet PC and the heat dissipation of the case greatly reduces the maintenance requirements of the system.

3. Industrial tablet PC use an all-metal industrial chassis that conforms to the "EIA" specification, which can strengthen the ability to resist electromagnetic interference.

4. Industrial tablet computers are small, thin, and light in weight, which can save working space and facilitate the scheduling and operation of multiple tasks.

5. In order to improve the stability of the industrial panel computer system, shock-proof strips are installed on the chassis to fix all single boards, equipped with highly reliable industrial power supplies, and have overvoltage and overcurrent maintenance functions.

6. Industrial tablet PC can choose between ATX or passive base plate configurations. Various accessories are available.

7. There are many ways to install industrial tablet PC, such as rail installations, wall-mounted installations and desktop installations.

The industrial tablet is representative of the next generation of mobile business computers. From the perspective of the industrial tablet PC concept product proposed by Microsoft, the industrial tablet computer is a full-featured PC without a keyboard. It does not need to be flipped and is small enough to fit a lady's handbag.

Ⅱ. The convenience of industrial tablet PC

Compared with notebook computers, in addition to having all functions, industrial tablet PC also support handwriting input or voice input, which makes them more portable and convenient to carry.

Rugged tablet windows 10 runs Windows 10 operating system also supports Android system and has a detachable keyboard that can run applications under the Windows system. Industrial tablet PC can also be used as a supplement to desktop computers, adding the functions of handwriting input and voice input to desktop computers. In short, people will use it more frequently in new ways.

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