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NEW LAUNCH 4'' Android: EM-T40 Rugged Handheld

  • No need too big, 4”inch screen is enough

  • With 26-key keypad, Data can be done with one finger

  • Finger-Friendly Design, Avoid mis-pressing

  • Reversible Type C Connector,No matter which side to plug in

Android Android
Bluetooth Bluetooth
1D 1D
2D 2D
WiFi WiFi
4G 4G
IP65 IP65
Camera Camera

Features of 4'' Rugged Android Handheld EM-T40 Rugged PC

• Support for Android 11 system

• Integrated 4G all network communication, WiFi, Bluetooth and other communication modes

• Equipped with 4000mAh large capacity battery, the machine has a endurance of 7 hours

• IP65 high protection level, in accordance with MIL-STD-810G

• Support GPS (A-GPS), Beidou, GLONASS, more accurate positioning

• With front 5MP rear 13MP auto focus camera, you can easily collect your images and video information

• Support 1D / 2D, NFC and other functional modules to meet the application needs of multiple industries

Six Views of 4'' Android Handheld EM-T40 Rugged PC


Specifications of 4'' Android Handheld EM-T40 Rugged PC

TypeDetailsStandard ConfigurationOptional
Product FormTypeRugged handheld TerminalNA
Device ColorTBDNA
LCDScreen Size4 inch   16:9NA
Resolution480*800 IPSNA
Brightness300 NitNA
TPTouch Panel5-point capacitive screen, G + FF, Rigidity: above 7h, scratch resistant, TP thickness: 1.1mm, COF(IC:GT1151QM)NA
flash lampNA
Connection modeBTB
Rear13.0MP, with flash and auto-focus(IC:OV13855)8M
flash lampSupport, true flash (white LED fill)
Connection modeBTB
SpeakerBuilt-inEmbedded 8Ω/0.7W  speaker  x 1(TBD)NA
MicBuilt-inSilicon Mic (on small board) compatible with common micNA
EarphoneBuilt-inbuilt inx 1NA
BatterytypeLi_polyment, battery loadableNA
Capacity3.8V/Above 4000mAh(TBD)NA
Endurance7hrs(default50%volumn,default 200lumens brightness,play1080P video)NA
System Hardware Configuration
SpeedOCTA Core,Four 2.0GHz+Four 1.5GHz
4*A53  2.0GHz
4*A53  1.5GHz
2.0GHz,Quad Core
4*A53  @ 2.0GHz
GPUTypeIMG GE8320 650MHzIMG GE8300 660MHz
G_sensorBuilt-inGravity acceleration sensorNA
Ambient light perceptionBuilt-inSupportNA
Distance sensingBuilt-inSupportNA
audio amplifierBuilt-inClass k Power AmplifierThe default is the same as MT90S(NS4818)
Real time clock (RTC):Built-in10 minute backup via supplier cap
infrared remote controlNANANA
indicator lightBuilt-inSupport, red and green LEDNA
Network Connections
WIFIWIFISupport (IEEE802.11 a /b/g/n/ac protocol standard, support 2.4G and 5g dual band)NA
BluetoothBuilt-inSupport BT 5.0 LE, downward compatibleNA

GPSBuilt-inSupport, GPS (A-GPS), Beidou, GLONASS
NFCBuilt-inISO/IEC 14443A, ISO/IEC 14443B PCD 106 kbit/s to 848 kbit/s
 ISO/IEC 14443A, ISO/IEC 14443B PICC 106 kbit/s to 424 kbit/s
 MIFARE reader encryption mechanism (MIFARE 1K/4K)
 Reading NFC Forum tags (MIFARE Ultralight, Jewel, FeliCa open tag,
ISO/IEC 14443-4)
 Reading DESFire card
 ISO/IEC 15693/ICODE reader
 NFC-IP1 and NFC-IP2 protocols (ISO/IEC 18092 /ECMA 340 and
ISO/IEC 21481/ECMA 352) 106 kbit/s to 424 kbit/s
 B’ and MIFARE card emulation
Support (13.56MHz, IS014443A/B, IS015693, second generation ID card)
1D barcode scannerOptionalSerial port&MIPI

The scan head supports 3680 4710 6703
2D barcode scannerOptional
Interface Configuration
TF slotExtensive External MemoryTwo out of three card holder(TF MAX:128G)
SIM slotSIM card
type cCharging / data transmission / audio outputType C*1NA
barcodebarcodebarcode  *2NA
Power onpress keypower key x1NA
Volume + -press keyVolume + - x2NA
With keyboardSmall board26 buttonsNA
Key lightNANANA
Expand interfacecharge POGO PIN1Bottom charge 2pin

data transmission POGO PIN2Back shell 6pinNo charging function, the handle is powered by battery.
Three groups of GPIO, one group of serial communication
Software Configuration
Operation SystemOS versionAndroid 11 /GMS

Application Range of 4'' Android Handheld EM-T40 Rugged PC

Various modules and accessories can be selected to meet customers' application in various industries.

Accessories of 4'' Android Handheld EM-T40 Rugged PC

Various modules and accessories can be selected to meet customers' application in various industries.

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