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Meet Emdoor's team leading the way in rugged product and industrial pc designs produce, sales and customer service. 

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60% of our company's personnel are in the R&D department, and they are composed of outstanding talents. 

Emdoor's investment in R&D accounts for more than 10% of the total revenue every year.

Our R&D starts with PCBA design, we design the schematic diagram, Gerber data and the final layout independently.

In terms of structure, we design stacking, modeling and internal structure design.

Emdoor rugged products are purely self-developed, whether they are motherboards, structures, or software, and have applied for patents indifferent fields.

They are controlled by a professional software and hardware testing team to ensure design quality from the source.


we have a 100,000-level dust-freerugged product professional assembly workshop of more than1,000 m' and a 100-level dust-freelamination workshop of nearly 100 m.At present, the production line hasover 10 years of experience in ruggedproduct fields, and has passed theISo9001:2015 system certification,and daily follows 5s productioncontrol.


We have nearly 1,000㎡ of laboratory space and a professional supporting testing team to ensure quality inspection and control in the following four aspects.

  • Radio frequency: The hardware is equipped with a 4G 3D darkroom with 24 probes, and multiple professional Agilent 8960 and CMW500 wireless comprehensive testers. There are many professional RF engineers to accurate testing of wireless communication functions such as 3G/4G/WIFI/Bluetooth/GPS;

  • Reliability: There are series of life limit test equipment such as button/rotating shaft life testing machine, roller machine, drop machine, steel ball impact machine, electrostatic gun, etc.;

  • Environmental: Possess environmental limit test equipment such as high and low temperature humid heat box, salt spray box, and waterproof tester;

  • Accuracy: two-dimensional measuring instrument/color and color difference meter/battery sub-capacity cabinet, etc.

Button Life Test.jpg
Aging test 1.jpg
Laboratory 3.jpg

Our marketing team is directly led by the CEO and is an experienced sales team. At present, we are divided into domestic and overseas, which can meet the different business requirements of various countries around the world. At the same time, we are good at discovering project difficulties and providing customers with the best solutions and best services.

Joseph Nie
Joseph Nie
Marketing Manager

Joseph has more than 10 years of working experience in the industry, with deep expertise in R&D manufacturing and marketing of rugged industry.

Icy Liang
Icy Liang
Marketing Manager

Icy has studied the research of the rugged industry for 4 years.

Jozy Zhu
Jozy Zhu
Marketing Specialist

Jozy has studied the comment of rugged products and the rugged industry for 2 years.


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