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Engineering Construction Solutions

Engineering Construction Solutions


In recent years, due to the development of information technology, it has become an urgent task for the engineering construction industry to accelerate transformation and upgrading. The company, as a service provider specializing in spatial geographic information data services, is committed to providing industry users with professional technical services related to spatial geographic information, intelligent solutions, and related software and hardware development services. And how to improve project efficiency and ensure project quality is the breakthrough point to the company.


1. Before construction, the geographical environment is complicated, the route planning is difficult, and the project completion is low;

2. There are many types of project plans, which are difficult to confirm;

3. The project is huge, and the installation status of materials and equipment cannot be obtained in time, which is easy to miss;

4. The project has a long period and the stage is severely differentiated.

Introduction of Construction Worker Tablet

In response to this problem, Emdoor Info recommended the EM-I16H rugged tablet. EM-I16H cooperated with customers' systems and solutions to help them fully grasp the project progress on site. The ruggedized tablet PC optimized the project process and information management process, improved the quality of the project, and ensured that the project was completed efficiently. As a respected rugged tablet OEM, Emdoor can provide types of rugged tablets, contact us to place an order.

EM-I16H Engineering Construction Solutions

Engineering Construction Solutions

Advantages of Tablets for Construction Sites

Combine systems for planning routes

Improve the quality and efficiency of pre-route construction, reduce engineering costs, and provide a scientific basis for project decision-making;

From research to value engineering

Systematically conduct sensitivity analysis and comprehensive comparison of various indicators and schemes to determine the optimal scheme;

Tracking device

Use new technologies such as barcodes and electronic tags to track the installation status and product information of equipment or buildings in order to better grasp the basic information and status of materials, equipment and construction personnel;


Cooperate with integrated system solutions for all stages of the project, including scheme research, feasibility research, preliminary design, value engineering research, etc.

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