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Dedication to Environmental Sustainability

As a partner of many well-known brand manufacturers, Emdoor Information is committed to ensuring safe, efficient and environmentally conscious operation and manufacturing processes in the communities where we work, and we are an environmentally responsible company. Prove that our commitment is to support environmentally sound practices through our daily operations.

Protecting Land Resources

Our promise

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Conserve water

Reduce and recycle waste

Responsibly manage end-of-life materials

Minimize and control the use of hazardous waste

Compliance with product-level environmental legislation

Protecting Solar Resources

Our policy

Environmental policy is the foundation of Emdoor Information's environmental protection plan. The policy conveys the focus of our work and continues to be committed to protecting the environment and ensuring that we operate with good management practices.

As a responsible neighbor in the community where we operate.

We will act in terms of responsible conditions that affect health, safety or the environment.

Continuously improve the focus of our activities on environmental management and "pollution prevention" programs.

Each year, environmental goals and indicators are set based on the performance and development trends of the previous year.

Develop safe, energy-saving and environmentally conscious products and manufacturing processes.

Assist in developing technical solutions to environmental problems.

Comply with applicable laws, regulations and other requirements.

Perform rigorous self-assessments and audits to ensure that we comply with this policy on an ongoing basis.

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