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With Numerous Technological Breakthroughs, This Rugged Handheld By Emdoor Is Genuinely Worth Trying Out!

The latest rugged handheld from Emdoor Information, the EM-I61J, has just hit the market. It stands out in the industry as one of the few rugged handheld terminals that can run Windows, truly earning its status as a powerhouse. Featuring a 6.5-inch screen with Windows OS, an IP67 protection rating, resistance to drops from 1.5 meters, excellent heat dissipation, and impressive battery life—each of its features stands out remarkably on its own.


rugged handheld

But how did Emdoor Information manage to integrate all these functionalities into the EM-I61J? How did they achieve this? Let's delve into the details without further ado.


6.5-inch Windows system

Hardware and software show boundless innovation


The standard 6.5-inch screen on the EM-I61J runs the Windows 10 operating system, contrary to the belief among many tech professionals in the industry that screens of 8 inches and below are not compatible with Windows 10. In reality, this perception is inaccurate. Devices with screens sized between 6.5 and 8 inches can successfully install Windows 10 given they meet the hardware requirements such as CPU, memory, storage, system firmware, etc. The only potential issue might be with UI display irregularities. However, after rigorous testing and practical use, both Emdoor's 6.5-inch EM-I61J and other 8-inch rugged tablets have proven capable of smoothly running Windows 10 without any UI display abnormalities.


rugged handheld

Furthermore, the 6.5-inch size posed a significant challenge for the overall structural layout and circuit board design of the EM-I61J. Consequently, Emdoor's structural and hardware teams worked it out. The hardware utilized a 10-layer circuit board, significantly increasing the available wiring area. Structurally, they strategically utilized internal space, aligning it precisely with the circuit board's size. This approach facilitated easier assembly while reinforcing the overall stability of the device's structure.


IP67 protection level

A comprehensive solution that overcomes waterproofing challenges.


The IP rating is a crucial performance factor for rugged handheld terminals, and elevating from an IP65 protection rating to an IP67 poses significantly greater challenges. So, how does the EM-I61J achieve an IP67 rating? Firstly, the EM-I61J's front and back shells are sealed with waterproof rings at their junction, enhancing the sealing performance of the shell interface. Additionally, a submerged-type waterproof interface plug is used at the ports to ensure a seal. Furthermore, a bonding process with adhesive is applied to the inner sides of the buttons at the lateral edges, effectively securing the junction between the soft rubber inside the buttons and the shell, resolving waterproofing issues around the device's external areas, seams, and apertures, seamlessly integrating them into a unified whole.


rugged handheld

At the removable battery compartment of the EM-I61J, a sealing method has been employed. A silicone ring is used to seal the joint between the battery and the battery compartment. Once the battery is inserted into the compartment and the silicone ring is securely in place, excellent waterproofing is achieved. Furthermore, the rear casing fan of the EM-I61J is designed as a waterproof fan, completely isolated from the internal circuit board, ensuring it doesn't compromise the overall IP protection performance.


1.5-meter drop-resistance

A robust structural design, meticulous attention to detail.


MIL-STD-810's 1.22-meter drop standard is well-known, but what enhancements contribute to the upgraded 1.5-meter drop resistance in the EM-I61J? The iteration and enhancement of the EM-I61J's drop performance primarily focus on material, manufacturing processes, and structural design. The material used in the EM-I61J comprises PC+TPU, with the entire device crafted from PC engineering plastic. Additionally, a TPU over-molding with dual-color injection covers the four sides, replacing the previous all-PC construction, thereby achieving enhanced drop resistance. Furthermore, employing an in-mold injection process for the embedded metal bracket behind the screen, the metal bracket and the front shell are integrated, securing the circuit board onto the metal bracket with screws. This upgraded structure and manufacturing process provide better support and stability for the entire device compared to the previous iterations with no bracket or detachable bracket and front shell.


rugged handheld

Additionally, the small size, corner bumpers, and reinforced bottom shell are all integral features contributing to the EM-I61J's 1.5-meter drop resistance.


Heat dissipation advantage

High performance and small size technical challenges


As a rugged handheld terminal featuring the Intel® Celeron® N5100 processor within a compact 6.5-inch size, the EM-I61J demands efficient heat dissipation to ensure smooth device operation and support optimal performance in such a high-performance, small-form-factor setting. Therefore, YiDao Information directly implemented an active cooling system consisting of a heat sink, fan, and fins, continuously refining and optimizing it until achieving the best balance between performance and effectiveness.


rugged handheld

Emdoor specifically employed a heat sink covering the CPU and other crucial components entirely, expanding the area for heat exchange. This setup ensures a more uniform extraction of heat from high-temperature areas. Coupled with the "fan + fins" regional cooling setup, the fan draws in the air while the fins facilitate the outward flow, significantly enhancing the exchange between cool and hot airflows, thereby substantially improving overall heat dissipation. Notably, the heat sink fills the gap between the core components and the cooling system. Through sealed waterproof adhesive, this innovation elevates the waterproofing performance to a new level.


rugged handheld

In addition to hardware improvements, Emdoor has implemented PWM functionality within the cooling fan, making heat dissipation more efficient and intelligent. The EM-I61J can dynamically adjust the PWM fan's duty cycle based on the motherboard or CPU temperature, resulting in different output voltages to control fan speed. Specifically, the EM-I61J is set with a duty cycle range of 30% to 90%. At temperatures between 0°C and 50°C, the duty cycle is 30%, increasing to 37% between 47°C and 55°C, and continuing in a similar pattern.


Endurance advantage

Extend battery life in Windows


Battery life and power consumption are intertwined, as many are aware. Despite the EM-I61J being equipped with the power-efficient N5100 processor, limitations arise due to the form factor of a rugged handheld terminal and its 6.5-inch size. This restricts the possibility of accommodating a larger capacity battery. As a result, robust battery endurance becomes crucial to ensure the device keeps up with real-world usage demands.


rugged handheld

In the case of the EM-I61J with a 29.6Wh battery capacity, various power-saving settings and charging thresholds were configured, resulting in over 6 hours of battery life under test conditions. Initially, Emdoor established a power-saving mode wherein the CPU immediately enters a low-power mode during standby. The system intelligently adjusts CPU core frequency, voltage, and other parameters to decrease power consumption, thereby extending standby time.


Another key focus was optimizing the charging state. Emdoor sets specific temperature ranges for battery charging, preserving battery performance to maximize its lifespan and capacity, consequently extending overall battery endurance.


Users can also extend battery life within Windows by adjusting screen brightness, power and battery settings, and managing sleep states. Additionally, Emdoor sets the maximum charging power for the entire device to 45W to expedite charging efficiency.

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