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What Are the Core Advantages of the Mini Industrial PCs?

The mini industrial PC is a low-power, ultra-quiet, small, stylish computer host. The mini industrial PC also has the functions and attributes of a traditional desktop host, which can save money for enterprises. In the near future, a mini industrial pc will replace the traditional PC to enter the enterprise and other fields completely.

What are the core advantages of mini industrial PCs?  Which industries are they mainly used in?

In the electronic classroom, a school has an electronic classroom with 40 application environments, so the 8 rugged tablets is needed, and each host can use 4 small pcs to increase 5 users, and connect to 8 host domain networks. School education, multimedia classrooms, education informatization need network space, network sharing information sharing, resource goods, and other services, all of which can be supported by the teaching plan provided by the mini industrial pcs. The modernization of teaching methods requires modern teaching equipment. In recent years, in order to realize modernized digital, networked, and intelligent teaching, major schools have adopted mini-industrial PCs as the building equipment for multimedia classrooms.

If the company invests in rugged industrial computers for each customer in the company, it will inevitably increase the company's operating costs, and it will also increase the cost of future maintenance and upgrades. How to solve it?

In the company, these problems can be easily solved, whether it is the daily office software, implantation tools, various software management, system development, etc., so most companies have now fully introduced this kind of industrial android tablet as office equipment. It is difficult to find a mainframe in an office or workshop.

In the library or reading room, the mini industrial PCs enter the library or reading room. From the original purchase of 20 PCs for reading, inquiring or browsing the Internet, it has been reduced to only 4 small computers, saving the 50% of total investment.

If the computer training center needs to organize a computer training event, then the main input is computer hardware. The trainees are required to achieve one computer per person and save costs. The use of mini industrial computers can solve many problems.

Machine replacement is expanding to more and more industries, including agriculture, assembly, construction, electronics, logistics and warehousing, manufacturing, medicine, mining, and transportation. One of the reasons for the rapid popularity of industrial PCs is that the innovation of industrial design in the application experience of terminal actuators can be easily adopted by other industries.

In the rugged computer manufacturer, the promotion of safety and prevention awareness, as well as the concern about the harm caused by repeated labor, have become the driving force for the popularization of industrial PCs.

The controller is getting smaller and smaller and no longer so closed. There are programmable logic controllers (PLC), programmable automation controllers (PAC), industrial PCs (IPC), PCs, embedded controllers, and motion controllers from non-robot manufacturers that can control robots.

But different industries and working environments are different, and the functions of robots are also different. Therefore, the "brain" of the robot must be an industrial computer that has been tested and tested, can adapt to a wide temperature environment, and has excellent processing performance, in order to truly adapt to "machine substitution."

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