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EM-Q81 Tablet Improves Productivity Of Logistics Company

EM-Q81 Tablet Improves Productivity Of Logistics Company

With the increasingly fierce market competition, improving production efficiency and reducing operating costs have become the first problems that logistics companies need to solve. Logistics tablet, a portable computing device that is used in logistics and supply chain management, have become a new trend. The traditional manual operation methods used by customers have caused confusion in inventory management, scattered package information, and low efficiency. Establishing a complete set of warehousing management processes, improving warehousing turnover rate, reducing the occupation of operating funds, and reducing costs caused by warehousing elimination are the keys to helping customers improve production effici

Introduction of Logistics Tablet

Emdoor Information's EM-Q81 ruggedized tablet has sturdy and durable features to deal with harsh working environments and working conditions. It can be installed on a forklift or carried with you. The user does not need to worry about its damage due to strong vibration, rough handling and falling. Its reliability not only helps to realize paperless on-site office but also reduces the probability of work interruption due to accidental injury. With excellent performance, employees can complete various tasks efficiently, and the work efficiency of the client company has been comprehensively improved. Emdoor has good quality warehouse tablets for sale, contact us for more information.

The EM-Q81 rugged tablet computer boosts work efficiency to a higher level. Its lightweight body and easy-to-use touch screen bring clear and bright images both indoors and outdoors, which can ensure that the work of the staff is not restricted by the site. The high-performance processor responds quickly to operating instructions. Stable mobile communication signals greatly increase the speed of information transmission and reduce the waiting time for the program, which can ensure that the staff's all-day work efficiency is never compromised.

EM-Q81 Rugged Tablet PC


With the rapid development of the logistics industry, the public has higher requirements for logistics speed and service quality. Efficient operations need to rely on efficient workflows, accurate records, low costs, and minimized processing errors. The traditional manual operation method adopted by the client enterprise is obviously unable to withstand this high requirement. For the staff who are running back and forth in the huge workplace to handle the ever-increasing order volume, tools that can help them reduce their workload and improve processing efficiency are also very much desired.

In order to handle a large number of daily orders, the customer has established a set of warehouse management systems to realize informatization and digital process management. According to the task instructions assigned by the control centre, the warehouse staff complete the work of receiving and dispatching goods, proper positioning and information collection, etc. To maximize the warehouse management capabilities, this system needs to match reliable hardware facilities to ensure the smooth operation of the work process, while ordinary terminal equipment has weak anti-fall and anti-vibration capabilities and cannot withstand the violent vibrations generated during forklift operation and complex warehouse environment. In addition, its unstable characteristics may cause sudden interruption or shutdown during work, resulting in the loss of data that has been counted. For inventory personnel who need to count a large number of goods, such an emergency will cause them to spend a lot of time doing repetitive tasks. On the other hand, to deal with picking tasks in a huge warehouse area also has higher requirements for the endurance of the equipment. Frequent charging requirements are a very difficult problem in warehouses with inconvenient wiring.

Tablet Logistics Solution

In order to be able to use for a long time,  customers have put forward high requirements for the stability of the tablet, and at the same time, the device is required to have the ability to resist dust, water and impact. After conducting a comprehensive comparison test on the products provided by different manufacturers, the outstanding EM-Q81 tablet has won the hearts of customers with its reliable useability.

EM-Q81 has a lightweight that can be carried around and is equipped with an easy-to-read multi-touch display, allowing efficient operations to be carried out anywhere. It has a highly compatible and user-friendly Android system, which makes the operation handier. And also has Bluetooth and a large-capacity battery to ensure uninterrupted work flow.

Emdoor Information's EM-Q81 ruggedized tablet, as a hardware tool for managing the operating process of a client company, provides a nearly perfect solution for it.

Managers use EM-Q81 to cooperate with self-developed warehouse management system software, combined with bar code technology to strengthen the control of the overall process and maximize the available space of the entire warehouse, thereby optimizing available labour resources and reducing waste to improve operational efficiency.

Warehousing staff receive server instructions and execute them through the durable android tablet, use touch input instead of traditional paper and pen to record work, and then upload the records and statistics directly to the server through the wireless network, thereby simplifying the work process and reducing Data error caused by manual secondary recording transmission.

During order picking, use the vehicle mount to fix the reinforced tablet EM-Q81 on the warehouse forklift used by the pickers. The industrial android tablet will automatically obtain the work instructions assigned by the system. The pickers only need to read the picking list displayed on the screen to perform the picking operation. The workers' hands can operate the forklift and handle the goods completely free because the EM-Q81 will use the accurate GPS navigation function to provide the optimal pick-up path and pick-up sequence so that they can pick and load the goods efficiently. When the goods are counted, the workers use the barcode scanner to scan the product label, and then use the tablet to check it. After confirming that it is correct, save and record each item and its location, and send the inventory details to the background through wireless transmission to ensure the speed and accuracy of data input.

Solution of EM-Q81


Logistics Tablet

The EM-Q81 has great advantages in both portability and ease of use. Its lightweight body and large screen are very suitable for transportation and receiving tasks as a  fixed installation device. With the Android 10 operating system which is very friendly to beginners, there is no need to spend a lot of time learning to adapt. The high-brightness multi-touch display provides high-definition pictures that are not affected by light. In terms of performance, its built-in Qualcomm octa-core mobile platform brings a smooth and seamless user experience, and a larger running space reduces the delay between tasks, ensuring that you can work continuously without closing applications.  Excellent Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connection capabilities allow warehousing personnel to accept the latest work instructions and return work data reports at any time and seamlessly switch to different preset connection methods to further ensure that the communication between warehousing personnel and the control centre is never Interrupted. Equipped with a Bluetooth function to ensure the stability of the warehouse staff's work. The front and rear cameras for high-quality image capture and video conferencing replace unnecessary verbal descriptions, making data easier to save and transmit. The professional GPS function not only provides reasonable working paths, forklift dynamic scheduling and navigation, but also can be combined with the monitoring system to realize the whole process tracking of personnel, vehicles, and goods. Built-in powerful battery brings outstanding endurance, which can meet the long-term standby requirements during busy periods of business. In terms of ruggedness, EM-Q81 has obtained the IP65 dustproof and waterproof protection certification and the MIL-STD 810G US military. It can withstand harsh environmental conditions and can operate normally even when dropped from a height of 1.22 meters. The resulting low loss rate reduces the maintenance cost of subsequent equipment and the additional cost of the enterprise.

Benefits of EM-Q81

Customer Background

The client is a powerful logistics company in Fujian Province. The company covers an area of nearly 30 million, with a comprehensive office building of nearly 2,000 square meters and a bonded warehouse of 6,000 square meters. Four independent sub-storage areas, equipped with thousands of square meters of three-dimensional shelf areas and more than 40 unloading platforms, provide comprehensive logistics services such as warehousing, transportation, distribution, and multimodal transportation. And can design and implement comprehensive logistics solutions according to customer needs, and its professional service level has won wide recognition and trust from customers.

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