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Against to COVID-19, Medical Handheld PDA Can Help Medical Staff Reduce Stress

Pulished on Mar. 27, 2020

With the development of modern intelligent equipment, medical systems have gradually introduced intelligent handheld terminal equipment to improve the medical information system. At the same time, during the COVID-19 in Wuhan, medical staffs have been relieved of stress. With the continuous integration of mobile communication technology and hospital information management system, based on hospital information system (HIS) and PDA equipment as the hardware platform, it will maintain a connection with the entire information network through wireless local area network and wireless communication technology. Information inquiry and collection has been extended to all sides, and has been applied in various tasks of the intravenous drug dispensing center, achieving paperless and wireless work. In the intravenous drug dispensing center, through the perfect combination of electronic information system and PDA technology, each infusion label has a specific QR code encoding. In the process of dosing and mixing, we realized: identification of the dispenser, data statistics function, reducing the occurrence of errors, and ensuring the safety of patients' medication.

Medical PDA intelligent handheld terminal: The application of medical PDA has brought new breakthroughs to the development of intravenous drug dispensing centers, improved work efficiency, optimized workflow, strengthened monitoring of unreasonable medication, and reduced the incidence of errors. The quality of each bag of liquid is guaranteed and the life of the patient is safe.

Intravenous medication dispensing center data statistics function: Two PDA smart handheld terminals are fixed on each operating platform, and the dispatcher can log in to the system with his account to scan the infusion label. After scanning, the electronic information system will record the identity of the deployer and the infusion label. The computer can perform statistical analysis on the workload of the deployer, summarize the workload of different batches, and summarize the workload of different time periods.

Reduce the incidence of errors: In a large amount of work in the intravenous drug distribution center, the medical order information must be continuously checked. The amount of information processed must be fast and accurate, the time is tight, the task is urgent, the responsibility is heavy, and the medical staff is prone to fatigue. At any time during work, there may be inattention, causing inertial errors.

Confirmation of the identity of the dispatcher: Before performing the blending of the medicated drugs, the dispatcher scans his ID to log in to the system to confirm the identity information. When mixing medicine, use the PDA smart handheld terminal to scan the infusion label. In this way, the PDA will record the medical order information contained in the infusion label and the identity information of the preparer, and transfer the information to the computer, which is convenient for the examiner. Find the status of the infusion label, which can be easily traced and tracked when problems are found.

The medical PDA intelligent handheld terminal uses a high-speed laser scanning, which fully supports 1D and 2D barcode scanning, supports continuous scanning, and supports repeated code reminders. Providing business processing functions such as storage, inventory, statistics, and inventory, which can be seamlessly connected with the medical ERP system. It has been widely used in medical device management, clinical care, pharmaceutical production, drug wholesale, drug retail and other fields. In some departments and warehouses where flammable medical devices are available, it is better to use explosion-proof PDA. Shenzhen Emdoor Information is committed to the sales and research and develops of rugged tablets, industrial tablets, and smart handheld PDAs, providing complete after-sales service and integrated solutions.