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How to Choose a Handheld Terminal?

Pulished on Mar. 19, 2020

Handheld terminals (data collectors) are widely used in logistics and express delivery, retail stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, manufacturing, medical care, agriculture and animal husbandry, etc. due to their small size, light weight, easy operation, high performance and high efficiency. It is a handheld PDA device that integrates a barcode scanning device with a data terminal. It has functions of real-time acquisition, automatic storage, instant display, instant feedback, automatic processing, and automatic transmission.

At present, there are many brands of handheld terminals (data collectors) on the market, with different performance specifications and prices. Many users do not know how to buy good quality and reliable products. Next, Rugged Tablet Manufacturer will give you an analysis of the principles of purchasing a handheld terminal.

First, understand the strength of the manufacturer

When choosing a manufacturer of handheld terminals (data collectors), we need to understand the manufacturer's production capacity, product quality, the company's overall innovation ability, and after-sales service. As a functional application device, the handheld terminal (data collector) is an important factor to ensure the stable operation of the function. If product quality problems occur frequently, financial resources will be lost in a small amount, and business efficiency will be severely affected, causing great losses to the enterprise. Therefore, the brand strength and word-of-mouth guarantee for many years are the important indicators that we first refer to when selecting a handheld terminal (data collector).

Handheld Terminal Device

Handheld Terminal Device

Second, understand product performance configuration

1. Scan head: One-dimensional bar code and two-dimensional code need to make choices according to project requirements. If the use requirements are not high, a special scanning head is not required for the QR code scanning, and only a QR code scanning software and a camera are required to be used in combination, which has both a one-dimensional scanning function and a two-dimensional scanning function.

2. RFID function: As the main function of the Handheld Terminal Device, the choice of RFID is particularly important. We need to analyze according to the specific needs of the project, from the perspective of card reading distance and signal strength. Choose to meet the requirements of use, no need to choose a higher configuration to waste expenditure costs.

3. Power configuration: The best battery is high voltage and large capacity. The smaller the battery drain, the better.

4. Screen resolution: Higher resolution can well support the software and display the software operation interface in the best state, greatly improving the user experience.

5. Operating system: The operating system of the handheld terminal (data collector) is currently divided into two major schools: Android and Windows. The Android platform is known for its openness and freedom, and customers can conduct secondary development on the device. Windows is more stable. The two systems can be selected according to the needs of specific projects.

6. Protection level: A higher protection level can ensure the stable operation of the handheld terminal (data collector) in the harsh industrial environment without affecting the work efficiency. Take Emdoor Information's T62 as an example. Its industrial protection level is IP65, waterproof, dustproof and dropproof. It is suitable for a variety of harsh field applications and has a service life of more than five years.

The above is the method of selecting a handheld terminal introduced by Rugged Notebook Manufacturer. Hope to help you.