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Industrial Rugged Tablet And Commercial Tablet

Pulished on Dec. 19, 2019

Electronic computers have changed our daily lives like never before in recent decades. In industrial production, electronic computers have also been applied accordingly. This is the industrial computer. In fact, industrial computers are, in simple terms, the use of computers in industrial production. However, the development of industrial computers has not only been confined to the field of industrial production. With the power, metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection, transportation, and construction industries develop rapidly.

Simply put, an industrial computer is a computer that runs equipment in a production hall. Industrial computers refer to computer systems used in production equipment. It is usually a product customized by the equipment manufacturer, and the operating system is more embedded systems.

The key core components of Industrial Tablet and commercial tablet are the motherboard and LCD screen. Some customers often ask us why your three-proof industrial tablet is so much more expensive than the commercial tablet sold by others online. You can simply tell them that there is an expensive truth, and money will not go the wrong way. In fact, in China, except for monopoly industries, which are profiteering industries, it is really difficult to find profiteering industries. It is expensive to guarantee quality.

According to the environmental characteristics, the industrial tablet PC series products may have the characteristics of ruggedness, shock resistance, moisture resistance, dust resistance, high temperature resistance, multiple slots, and easy expansion. It is the best platform for various other applications in the fields of industrial control, traffic control, environmental control and automation.

Often, it must be operated in a special environment or uninterrupted for a long period of time, such as production line automation equipment, data switches in telecommunications rooms, monitoring equipment, enterprise network security servers, navigation systems, etc., must be continuous and stable for a long time without interruption. Otherwise, it will cause huge losses, so the requirements for the stability of the computer system are very strict. The following Rugged Tablet PC supplier will tell you the difference between industrial tablet PCs and business PCs.

Rugged Tablet PC

Rugged Tablet PC

1. Commercial motherboards usually pursue fast performance, small size, and low cost. PCB boards are usually made of 4 layers with lower prices, and electronic components are also selected for civilian use. For example, capacitors usually use ordinary liquid electrolytic capacitors. Long-term application may cause expansion and burst due to high temperature, which makes the motherboard unusable. If the motherboard is not powered for a long time, the electrolyte will easily react with the alumina to cause a chemical reaction, which will cause an explosion phenomenon when the power is turned on or on. Therefore, the replacement of the motherboard of a commercial tablet will be relatively fast, and the average life is usually 2-3 years.

2. The key pursuit of industrial tablet PC is stable performance, strong anti-interference, long service life, strong expandability, low power consumption and so on. PCB boards are mostly made of 6 layers and above with strong anti-interference. Electronic components are mostly industrial grade, military core electronic components are used for some core parts, and high-quality solid capacitors or tantalum capacitors are mostly used for capacitors. In order to ensure the stability of the motherboard, the number of capacitors used is also larger than that of commercial motherboards many. Therefore, the motherboard in industrial computers usually has a service life of more than 3-5 years, most of which are Rugged Tablets.

The above is the difference between industrial rugged tablet and commercial tablet, I hope to help everyone.