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"Climbing the Huangshan Mountain, breaking through the self, appreciating the West Lake, thinking about the future together": The mid-year summary meeting of Em

Pulished on Jul. 23, 2020


From July 16 to 19, 2020, the four-day mid-year management meeting of Emdoor Information Management kicked off in Huangshan, Anhui.

The high-level leaders of Emdoor Information, the "100 million" Huangshan wonders, the spring and autumn of Daoxihu, admiring the moonlight of the lotus pond, and thinking about the future of "information", the beautiful scenery along the way, full of harvest.

Unite and unite, unify thinking

On the first day, the management team of Emdoor Information came to Huangshan to climb the Lotus Peak, and they continued to challenge from the beginning.


Huangshan Mountain is a dual heritage of world culture and nature. It is a world geological park and is known as the top ten famous mountains in China and the world's most wonderful mountain.

With the hard work of Emdoor people, the first 19 years of victory in Mount Taishan, climbing Huangshan became the only goal of the management meeting in the middle of this year.





The first day of the itinerary was arranged at Lianhua Peak in Huangshan Mountain. The reason is simple-Lianhua Peak is the first peak in Huangshan Mountain, with an altitude of 1864.8 meters. The lotus peak is steep and towering, and it looks like a lotus in the early blooming from a distance, hence the name. Climbing to the Lotus Peak, you can have a panoramic view of the surrounding peaks. This is also in response to the pursuit of Emdoor people, to challenge difficulties and break through themselves.


That's how it is said, but at the beginning, everyone was a little bit stunned. The Lotus Peak at an altitude of 1864.8 meters is not as simple as raising a tall building on the ground. Coupled with the poor weather on the first day, the mountaineering in the rain is faced with complex conditions on the soles of the feet. If you are not careful, you may be swallowed by danger.

However, the Emdoor people will never be overthrown by the immediate difficulties. On the contrary, the Yidao people are united and cohesive, and the spirit of a high degree of unity is manifested vividly under the complicated weather and mountains of Huangshan. Encourage each other, no one left the team, and no one gave up.


Teacher Qiao of the group said: "Fight against the sky, fight against the earth, fight against yourself, turn the impossible into possible, turn the possibility into reality, and let yourself work hard to unite heaven, earth and people." Highly summarized the first day of Lotus Peak. Xingemdoor people are constantly striving for self-improvement, and the more frustrated they are, the more brave they are.

Similarly, in the face of business, Emdoor people are not afraid of hardships and dangers. In the first half of the epidemic, they also did not defeat Emdoor people. They sought stability in adversity and ensured sustainable development and never left behind.

All this is due to the sincere unity, unity and cohesion of the Emdoor people, with a common belief, everyone works hard for it and completes the goal, and this is our team.

Whether it is the Lotus Peak in the rain or the epidemic in the beginning of the year. Just as Mr. Liu said, there is rain fun without dripping suffering, and he bravely rises in the face of difficulties.

Scale increases, needs to grow

On the second day, unlike the heavy rain on the first day of coming to Huangshan, Huangshan, which was sunny after the rain, was more beautiful and beautiful. Early in the morning, the management team and a group of people boarded the Guangmingding Peak, which is flat and high, with a panoramic view of the wonders of the East China Sea, the peaks of the West Sea, alchemy, Tiandu, lotus, Yuping, and fish.


When you come to Guangmingding, you can not only feel the beauty and strength of Huangshan pine, but also the spirit of Huangshan pine-the perseverance and hard work.

Since its establishment 8 years ago, Emdoor Information has grown in scale for many years.


In 2020, the Emdoor Information team will shift from the original three-defense equipment layout to industrial control and medical terminals. The products will be expanded from regularization to diversification. Scenario applications will be deepened from simplicity to precision. Solutions will be integrated from simplification to integration. The layout shows the hard work and hard work of Emdoor Information.





In 2020, Emdoor Information will expand its business into five categories: rugged series, localized series, industrial control series, customized service and key customer service.

In the future, we will better cater to market demands and grow our business. Through our research and development capabilities, deep platform, and technical reserves, we can form products that meet customers in multiple industries and meet the needs of different industries.

Huang Shansong's perseverance is like the "persistence" of Emdoor Information for research and development, and continuous investment in it, so as to provide customers with high-quality and guaranteed products. However, to deal with the uncertainties of the future, it is necessary to find a breakthrough for growth, be prepared for danger in times of peace, persevere in progress, and continue to grow has become the goal.

Upgrading thinking, breaking through the standard

At the second stop, the management team came to Hangzhou West Lake. As the saying goes, the scenery of the south of the river is very special, and Hangzhou West Lake is nothing in the world.

The mid-year meeting officially held by the beautiful West Lake mentioned that the current management team needs to break through self-understanding, ensure continuous growth, be a better self, and bring a better team. That is, thinking about upgrading and breaking through the standard.


Separately speaking, upgrading refers to upgrading dimensions. People have their own positional limitations in thinking, and that limitation is their own dimension. Ascension means being good at jumping out of one's position and thinking about problems.

Middle and high-level leaders must have a pattern, start from the macro, clarify their position, lead the team, give play to departmental cooperation, and teamwork. Show positive and positive, take the lead, and let everyone contribute what and how much to achieve the best overall effect.

From the perspective of the coordinator, the thinking of the participant is transformed into the thinking mode of the leader. Realizing that "the rise and fall of the company is my responsibility", everyone should consider the problem from the perspective of their own position, so that individuals can play a greater value in the team, instead of just taking care of their own three-acre land.


Standardism, in a narrow sense, refers to the thinking that only the interests of one's own position and the interests of one's own department are taken care of, "no fault is meritorious", "responsibility is left to other departments as much as possible", and "there is nothing wrong with one's own department, but other departments are wrong." , Is a typical manifestation of standardism, and it is not conducive to the healthy development of the company in the long run.

And to break through the standard, more refers to the situation of clear one's own position, should go further, don't stand still. Be strict in self-discipline, continue to learn, have the courage to make breakthroughs, dare to challenge, make up for shortcomings, and become a better self and a better leader.

After a whole day of meeting reports, the management team communicated in-depth plans for the future development of the company and the next plans, and the team's momentum reignited, just like when climbing a mountain with high morale and continuous growth, and the future can be expected.

It is said that walking alone is fast, and everyone goes far. I believe that with the efforts of the management team in the new year, all Emdoor people will be able to unite as one, go further and further, and create another 8 years and another 8 years.