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What is rugged handheld used for?

Pulished on May. 09, 2020

What is rugged handheld used for?

What rugged handheld is used for

 as the Internet continues to change our way of life, computer laptops are also used more and more by people in life. Everyone has their own unique ideas when buying rugged PDA, In other words, his desire for computers is more due to a certain role of computers. Let's talk about what we know about the effect of computers on people's lives. The first one is learning, because there are many books on the Internet including knowledge, geographical knowledge is a very broad library, and the knowledge inside is also endless. Because of this, there are also a lot of garbage in the good, so we want to Learn useful knowledge, especially minors.


   The second industrial PC box is work, because many companies need computers as auxiliary tools at work, such as drawing, making plans, and speaking. The third is entertainment. Of course, this is more of a young man. After work and life, it is used to relieve stress and kill time. But the game is ultimately a game. Do n’t be addicted, especially some students and other minors. Basically, computers are the above-mentioned functions. The development of the Internet has certainly facilitated our lives. We also need to use computers correctly. Every industrial name change is a combination of pros and cons. We are selling computers, but we are constantly changing ourselves, hoping to bring good things to people and hoping to help everyone. rugged industrial PDA has the function of ordinary computer. Compared with ordinary computer, rugged industrial PDA has advantages and disadvantages. Let ’s talk about the shortcomings first. The configuration of three-proof tablet computers is generally lower than that of commercial tablet computers, because commercial computers have relatively high performance requirements; the advantages of industrial three-proof tablet computers are high protection level and long service life. This can be seen from the demand for Industrial Handheld PDA Laptops. The main intention of the three-proof tablet is to provide reliable computer solutions for industrial enterprises. Because many of our applications have relatively high requirements on the computer's robustness, durability, and impact resistance. Outdoor surveying, surveying and mapping, geographic information collection, forestry surveys, etc. all require computers to be waterproof and drop-resistant, but the performance requirements are not so urgent. After all, they are not used to play games. In addition, in the MES system of the manufacturing process, the industrial production process is often accompanied by problems such as more dust, higher humidity, and easy to fall. Ordinary computers may not be used for a few months before they die, which is not cost-effective for enterprise investment. Although the price of the ruggedized three-proof tablet is much higher than that of general commercial tablets, it is durable and reliable; a three-proof industrial tablet can be used for several years, and commercial tablets are not competent in these fields.

The starting point for the design of Industrial Handheld PDA is to achieve the purpose of waterproof, dustproof and anti-fall through the comprehensive selection of design and material technology. Among them, waterproof and dustproof are mainly through sealing treatment and special materials using "isolation" to block water and dust from the product, so that it does not affect the performance of the product. The anti-fall is mainly through the design and selection of materials to increase the strength and anti-fall ability of the product.

Many customers will see the IP protection level mentioned in the promotional materials when they purchase a three-proof handheld. The IP protection level here represents the dustproof and waterproof levels of the handheld terminal. The IP protection level is composed of two numbers. The first number indicates the level of protection against dust and foreign objects; the second number indicates the degree of sealing against moisture and water immersion. The larger the number, the higher the protection level. For example, the integrated three-proof handheld device of Dongda University has an IP67 protection level, and can be applied to a variety of harsh field application environments, with a service life of more than five years.

 What is rugged handheld used for?

The Industrial Handheld PDA specially developed for industrial field office applications has the following characteristics:


1. Advanced scanning technology: defaced barcodes, long-distance barcodes, and barcodes on mobile phone screens can be quickly scanned to fully meet the data collection requirements in various application scenarios.

2. Fast and precise positioning: GPS, Beidou precise positioning.

3. Fast and stable data transmission: Professional Wi-Fi module can fully meet the applications with high WIFI requirements in various industries.

4. High protection grade: IP65, 1.5 meters drop, the equipment is durable and reliable.

5. Long battery life: 4000mAh large battery + low power consumption technology, supporting 12 hours of uninterrupted use.

Application scenario: logistics express delivery

1. Warehouse center management:

At the receiving site, you can scan the bill of lading information of each incoming goods in real time through the handheld machine, verify the receipt information, and automatically save the scanned cargo data; you can also scan through the three-proof handheld machine, according to the order address information and the type of goods, automatically Picking and judging the transportation mode, automatically generating distribution tasks; when out of the warehouse, the goods are scanned through the three-proof handheld machine, the system displays the order details, the order list of the delivery staff, etc., and then dispatched to the delivery site for effective warehouse handover management .

2. Distribution process management:

Scanning and monitoring all transshipment links through the handheld computer, and real-time tracking and recording of the cargo position in the background, which is convenient for managers and customers to query the cargo information through the system in time to achieve process management.

3. Goods receipt management:

Through the handheld machine, the delivery personnel can quickly record the customer's signing information and upload it in real time, which is convenient for the statistics and query of the accounts receivable, and at the same time confirm and handle the abnormal conditions such as returns and rejections. After receiving the goods, the consignee can choose cash payment or other methods, and then sign on the delivery document to confirm, the entire transaction process is fast, safe and reliable.