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An Intelligent Storage and Picking System


Facing today's information-based, intelligent, and efficient society, storage is the core of an enterprise, and achieving orderly management of storage is of great significance to the operation of an enterprise. Picking is the most important and cost-intensive part of warehousing, the efficiency and correctness of picking greatly affect the service quality of enterprises. As a professional industrial automation solution provider, the customer focuses on developing, designing and selling intelligent warehouse picking systems and other products. And how to effectively improve the operation efficiency and reduce the operator's mis-selection rate is currently the largest research topic of intelligent storage and picking systems.


1. When out of the warehouse, the operator can't find the place and the efficiency is low;

2. When entering the warehouse, the newcomer is unfamiliar with the materials and the location, which affects the work;

When inventorying materials, the data is huge and complicated, time is wasted, and work is very difficult.


Aiming at this big problem of intelligent storage and picking system, Emdoor, a professional rugged tablet OEM, recommends the EM-T51, a rugged handheld PC for it. The intelligent storage and picking system guides the staff to the corresponding location through the prompts on the shelves and storage spaces. Through the QR code scanning of EM-T51 and storage space and the touch screen interaction, the warehouse mobile computer helps the staff to quickly complete the tasks such as warehouse out and in and inventory. And turning human-oriented warehouse management into personnel-assisted operation makes the warehouse management more hierarchical, concise, automated, standardized and efficient.

An Intelligent Storage and Picking System

An Intelligent Storage and Picking System


  • The paperless operation, scanning can complete the picking, convenient and fast;

  • When out of the warehouse, preparing the materials according to the storage lamp can improve the picking efficiency and the correct rate;

  • When the goods are put into the warehouse, the system will automatically associate the material information with the intelligent storage location and put them into the warehouse in turn;

  • Material quantity is shown in real-time;

  • Unnecessary to be familiar with materials, gets started quickly, and help enterprises solve efficiency problems.

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