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Highway Haze Penetration Vision System

Highway Haze Penetration Vision System


With the development of industry and its impact on the climate, haze has become more and more severe throughout the country in recent years. The haze causes low outdoor visibility. Such weather is a great problem for transportation, especially the highway. Highways often cause serious traffic accidents due to haze weather. Once an accident occurs, it will be a tragedy. In order to reduce security risks, the government usually adopt road closures and other methods, which have brought a lot of inconvenience and economic losses.


1. Low visibility of highways, prone to traffic accidents;

2. Low visibility, illegal vehicles cannot be seen clearly, and it is difficult to obtain evidence;

3. In haze weather, the monitoring distance is reduced and the image is blurred. The ordinary monitoring equipment can only see the white fog and the nearby scene;

4. The scene of the accident cannot be clearly presented, making it difficult to determine the liability of the accident.


In response to the above problems, Emdoor Info recommended the EM-MP150J, a fanless industrial PC. With the haze penetration technology, a highway haze penetration vision system is constructed. This system is a vehicle-mounted system that can obtain a clear and recognizable video through smog within 100 meters. The impact of haze weather on surveillance video and image clarity is reduced, and the quality of video surveillance in haze weather is improved. The rugged outdoor tablet provided by Emdoor Info is of good quality. As a rugged tablet OEM, Emdoor can provide the high-quality industrial laptop that you really need. Contact us now!

EM-MP150J Highway Haze Penetration Vision System

Highway Haze Penetration Vision System


Real-time update

Real-time automatic sensing and collection of road conditions, road environment, abnormal events, traffic conditions and other information to improve driving safety coefficient;

Solve outdoor monitoring equipment

Solve the problem of the low visibility of outdoor monitoring equipment, and improve its visible distance and video clarity in low visibility.

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