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Advantages Of Handheld Terminals For The Express Delivery Industry

Pulished on Jan. 08, 2020

Handheld Terminal is a handheld data processing terminal. With the development of mobile Internet and the popularization of mobile applications, handheld terminals have become more and more widely used in various fields. Logistics express is an application industry that requires high stability and timeliness of mobile information processing. Extreme industrial environments, frequent use requirements, multiple types of bar codes, and severely disrupted network environments are all severe tests facing this industry. Failure to handle any link will lead to delayed information transmission and endanger frontline workers. Therefore, as a basic tool for mobile information processing, handheld terminals play a particularly important role.

Handheld Terminal

Handheld Terminal

The handheld terminal integrates the work business of each link such as collection, sorting, distribution, and delivery, and establishes intelligent management of the express delivery industry, collecting data in real time and converging to a unified information platform. The management personnel can obtain the information through the background and then manage it, supporting users to query the logistics tracking information, and the enterprise to grasp the location of the courier and the delivery progress.

In the courier industry, how to accurately track the courier process and effectively analyze and manage the work of courier personnel. Customers can know the logistics information of their shipments in time, which is an important indicator for customers to evaluate the service of express companies. Combined with barcode technology, through the handheld terminal, you can quickly grasp the shipment information, improve service quality, improve work efficiency, reduce error rates, reduce operating costs, and win customer satisfaction.

The application of handheld terminals in the express delivery industry has many advantages. Here is a detailed introduction from Rugged Tablet Manufacturer:

1. Quickly scan shipment information to establish fast sorting, distribution and distribution of shipments;

2. The courier company headquarters can locate the carrier information through the GPS module to optimize the carrier route;

3. Real-time data transmission, the courier can transmit the shipment information and pickup information to the company headquarters as soon as possible, which is convenient for customers to inquire;

4. The information of each checkpoint is improved, and the system can directly find the data collected by the courier through the handheld terminal, and handle the emergency situation;

5. The system automatically generates express pickup / delivery data to provide data basis for the company's performance evaluation of frontline staff.

The handheld terminal establishes the full controllability of the express delivery process and the circulation process in the courier industry. The courier company improves the information management level through the handheld terminal, reduces the company's management cost, and improves customer satisfaction.

The above is the application of the handheld terminal introduced by Rugged Handheld Manufacturer in the express delivery industry. I hope it can help everyone.