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Realizing The School Dream For Poor Tibetan Students

In the Tibetan Autonomous Region on the border of southwestern China, there are such a group of children who are hungry for knowledge who cannot enter the campus due to their poor family background. In order to realize the school dream of Tibetan children, Mr Liu Yuangui, the general manager of Emdoor Information Co., Ltd. went to Gongga Village, Tibet to discuss poverty alleviation and donation to school projects.

After conducting an in-depth investigation and analysis of the local situation in Tibetan areas, the two sides reached a consensus on pairing funding to help Tibetan students with difficulties in their families. The local government and village committee presented each guest participating in the event with a long white silk scarf representing their sincere gratitude.

Emdoor Information Co., Ltd. actively responds to the national targeted poverty alleviation policy, fulfils the corporate social responsibilities and obligations with practical actions, and contributes to the creation of the "Chinese miracle" of poverty alleviation.

Realizing The School Dream For Poor Tibetan Students

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