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Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Emdoor is committed to becoming an enterprise focusing on corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. As the world's leading provider of digital industrial infrastructure and smart terminals, our mission is to "make cutting-edge technology more approachable", to bring everyone and each organization into the digital world of the Internet of Everything, and let the power of technology for organizations and individuals Improve the level and efficiency of digitalization. Protecting and respecting the environment, empowering the people, and giving back to society is some of the tenets of Emdoor Information Development.

Protect Water Resources

In our operations in various places, our employees are proud of Emdoor Information as a socially responsible organization. Through their support and actions, our employees ensure that Emdoor Information maintains a safe, positive and ethical working environment, supporting the local community and a respectful environment.

Protecting Forest Resources

Our commitment to model corporate citizenship is not only a key element of Emdoor's corporate culture, it also helps drive the success of our business. With the trust of our customers, we uphold good ethics and values. They also admit that our employees also care about their interests and behaviour as a solid brand extension to help make the community where we live and work is a better place.

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