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Industry Applications of Sturdy Tablet

The application of sturdy tablet in industry, automobile service, and processing industry has been widely concerned, and the industrial application has been further deepened. Thus, what are the specific industrial applications of industrial tablet PC?


Sturdy tablet for field survey and mapping

With the rapid development of computers, ground measuring instruments, and digital mapping software applications, digital mapping has gradually replaced traditional manual mapping methods and become the mainstream mode of mapping operations such as mapping production, water conservancy, hydropower projects, and land management. The harsh working environment of the exploration industry determines that the information management platform must satisfy four requirements: easy installation in different environments, internal SAP system based on PC and company integrated network; the equipment must be rugged, waterproof, and shockproof, the whole machine can work in a wide temperature range, with the working temperature between -20 to 50℃, rich interface, which can achieve real-time collection of operating status and reliable data transmission.

Therefore, the industrial tablet PC is suitable for field survey and mapping, which can repair and measure at any time, effectively preventing inevitable problems such as measurement errors, missed measurements, retesting, and reworking in manual mapping work.

Sturdy tablet for oil drilling

The drilling platform requires high reliability of computer hardware, and the product should be explosion-proof and corrosion-resistant, with a stable system. The monitoring system usually needs a redundant backup system. The enhanced industrial tablet PC can transmit the daily production data and historical generation data to the land production management department through the management LAN of the platform, enabling the management department to control the platform production and adjust the future production plan in time.

Sturdy tablet for traffic industry

The traffic apartment work has prominent mobility, and the road front-line personnel often have to query a large amount of information in real-time, but the current communication method is single, which is more difficult to deal with sudden, urgent, or large workload business promptly.

In addition, the front-line business is more redundant, with repeated work in multiple links, batches, and locations, which may lead to the risk of omissions and errors. If the final disposal can be archived in the unit system in real-time, it will reduce the workload and improve efficiency. The mobile traffic processing plan relies on industrial tablet PCs to extend the work system to the front-line staff.

Traffic apartment apply tablet PC to connect to the remote data center system, to complete business processing, information search, contact communication, and many other functions. Rugged tablet will help intelligent transportation, conduct a real-time queries of license plate information, mobile damage determination, punishment for violations, and query relevant information and certificates at any time.

Sturdy tablet PC for drones

With the development of computers, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and other high technologies, UAVs have developed into a platform that can be used for purposes such as reconnaissance, electronic jamming, and effectiveness assessment of battlefield target destruction. Due to the particularity of the UAV application environment, higher requirements are placed on the computer equipment associated with its operation, detection, research and development. The variable scene environment, complex regional environment, and unpredictable contingencies are beyond the control of ordinary computer equipment. In this case, the rugged windows tablet has a variety of highly reliable functions such as anti-vibration, anti-pressure, anti-shedding, waterproof, dustproof, and anti-electromagnetic interference, which can easily cope with the application of various harsh and complex environments.

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